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Engineering at SRB Griturn
We at SRB Griturn specialise in bespoke and CNC engineering while boasting a huge range of the very best and most reliable engineering equipment, establishing us to be among the leading companies in the UK engineering market.  

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With experienced staff leaders and a rich engineering background that extends back to 1967, we have been able to push forward and evolve as an engineering company with customer needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our development. Listed below are just some of the engineering services that we offer:

CNC Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Sliding Head Turning
Manual Lathe Operation
Bespoke engineering
Quick Prototype turn around time
Quick batch production turn around time 

We are currently operating out of a brand new state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft facility, which is situated in the county of Bedfordshire, and that consists of three professionally equipped units. With our new professional layout and the copious amounts of open floor, the workshop has been designed in such a way that our highly trained and focused team will provide the very best and most efficient service to our customers.  

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We are also very proud to boast our diverse range of engineering metals and materials. We work with many different types of materials including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic and much more. Each material has many grades that have different compounds when it comes to engineering, luckily we have an excellent variety of grades to choose from (as you can see by clicking on the link below). Before production begins, all of our material is thoroughly checked and approved by by our highly skilled staff after we receive it from our trusted and very reliable supplier. 

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The equipment that we have on-site is that of the very best for bespoke and CNC engineering. With a wide variety in CNC mills, CNC Lathes, manual machines and much more, we can hope to provide all of the services that a customer would require. All of the machines here at SRB Griturn have been acquired with great research and detail in order to expand our on-going list of engineering services and to guarantee that all of the work is completed to a very high standard. With branded and well-regarded machines such as Hurco and Haas, we can cater to your requirements. 

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