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Anodising Plant
Our Anodising Plant at SRB Griturn
Our new Anodising Plant, that features the new 2.4m Sulphuric semi-automated anodising line, was installed in our new 10,000 sq ft state-of-the-art Bedfordshire facility in 2012. Since then, the demand and popularity has dramatically increased due to our high anodising quality and the variety of anodising services that we offer.

For a brief history on our anodising history, please click here.

The skilled and experienced staff that lead the anodising sector of our company only produce the very best finishing with all of our products, in order to achieve guaranteed customer approval. Listed below are just some of the anodising services that we offer:
  • 2.4m Sulphuric Anodising Line
  • Coloured Anodising:
           - Black
           - Red
           - Blue
           - Silver (Clear)
           - Gold
           - Orange
  • Other Customer-preferred Colours (by prior agreement)
  • Clear Anodising
  • Prototype Parts Undertaken
  • Aluminium Polishing (prior to anodising)
  • Chemical Brightner
  • Quick Turnaround Times:
           - Same Day
           - Next Day
  • Quick Prototype Turnaround Times
  • Variety on Quantity (from 1 off to 25,000 off)
  • Polishing (after anodising)
  • Professional packaging
  • Hard anodising (coming soon, enquire for details) 
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