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Anodising at SRB Griturn
We at SRB Griturn have been providing a variety of top quality anodising and metal finishing for over ten years. Although we are relatively new to the UK anodising market, our quality product satisfaction levels and brilliant range of anodising services have led us to establish a long list of recognisable clients and built a strong bond with many of our suppliers and customers.

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We have been offering anodising with our finished engineering products for many years, but due to the quick turn around and high quality finish that our customers required we recognised the need for an in-house anodising facility.
So, in 2005 we purchased the company IBF Finishers of Wembley (boasting over 30 years of anodising finishing experience) and moved them into our Dunstable factory. 

With a huge growth in interest and popularity in our new anodising set up and anodising services, we were soon at full capacity. With this in mind, we moved the location of our anodising plant to a purpose built unit and purchased an 8ft semi-automated line in 2012. 

Since 2012 the demand has continued and we are now in the process of having a second anodising line installed int he near future. 

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Since initially starting our own anodising plant in 2005, the popularity of our anodising has risen in extreme measures. So much so that this was one of the main reason behind occupying our new state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft facility, which is situated in the county of Bedfordshire. Now, our impressive brand new 2.4m sulphuric anodising plant resides in its own workshop unit.

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We are also very proud to boast our diverse range of anodising colours. Each colour is designed to produce the best possible finish with our range of engineering materials including Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic and much more. You can see the range of colours available by clicking the link below. If yo can not find the colour that you want form our list of available colours, you can request any colour that you need by simply contacting us with your requirements.

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