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About SRB Griturn
SRB Griturn LTD is an amalgamation of two optical engineering companies that between them have over 60 years of experience in optical engineering.

The first of those companies was SRB Film Service of Luton, which was established in 1967 as precision engineers that made metal components for the optical and photographic industry. They made products ranging from simple filter holders to complex optical housings. One of their main strengths was the ability to produce one off custom built parts to customer requirements quickly and cheaply.

The second company was Griturn Engineering Ltd. Established in 1977, Griturn primarily supported the engineering requirements of Optex Ltd, a company that designed and produced camera lenses, mounts, bracketry, filter systems etc for the television and film industry. Over recent years Griturn looked to diversify its product range, and with the introduction of CNC machinery was able to start manufacturing for the mass produced markets as well as in small batches.

In January 2006 after months of talking the two companies became one, and the combined knowledge and experience from the two companies came together.

We are very proud of our long standing history in the United Kingdom engineering industry and like to think that we have reached the highest level possible when it comes to product satisfaction for our customers. With experienced staff leaders and a rich engineering background that extends back to 1967, we have been able to push forward and evolve as an engineering company with customer needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our development.

We are currently operating out of a brand new state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft facility, which is situated in the county of Bedfordshire, and that consists of three professionally equipped units. With our new professional layout and the copious amounts of open floor, the workshop has been designed in such a way that our highly trained and focused team will provide the very best and most efficient service to our customers.

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As well as engineering, we have been providing a variety of top quality anodising and metal finishing for over ten years. Although we are relatively new to the UK anodising market, our quality product satisfaction levels and brilliant range of anodising services have led us to establish a long list of recognisable clients and built a strong bond with many of our suppliers and customers.

In 2005 we purchased the company IBF Finishers of Wembley (boasting over 30 years of anodising finishing experience) and moved them into our Bedfordshire facility. Now, with specialised anodising staff and a huge growth in interest and popularity in our new anodising set up and services we were soon at full capacity. With this in mind, we moved the location of our anodising plant to a purpose built unit and purchased an 8ft semi-automated line in 2012.

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